30 Serves - 2lb


One Scoop of 30 Grams

Sharkmentum™ Beast Whey Protein 

Premium, grass-fed blend for rapid muscle growth, swift recovery, and peak Athletic Performance. Fuel your strength with the best in the world of whey protein supplements. A precised high-quality, non-GMO whey concentrate is a symphony of lean muscle development, accelerated recovery, and elevated performance
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Awaken the Beast: Unleash Raw Strength with Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein | The Ultimate Fuel for Muscle Mastery

Fuel, Forge


Why Get
Beast Whey Protein?

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous fusion of High-Quality ingredients, from premium whey concentrate to the subtle sweetness of Stevia Extract and the rich indulgence of Dutch Cocoa Powder. Elevate your fitness journey with a powerhouse blend designed for lean muscle growth, rapid recovery, and unparalleled athletic prowess

Benefits of Sharkmentum's Beast Whey Protein!

Rapid Muscle Growth

 Accelerated Muscle Development

The cutting-edge realm of Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein, where science meets sculpting. Experience the synergistic precision of our formula as it propels your body into an accelerated state of Lean Muscle Development. Our meticulously curated blend of Grass-Fed, non-GMO whey protein concentrate acts as a catalyst, optimizing protein synthesis and maximizing hypertrophy

 Metabolic Marvel

Our formula not only fuels rapid lean muscle growth but also becomes the catalyst for a metabolic symphony, optimizing energy expenditure and enhancing overall vitality. Embrace the science of metabolic mastery and unlock a new chapter in your journey to peak physical performance with each scoop of Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein


 Energize Strength Organically

Your key to unlocking Athletic Excellence. Our meticulously crafted blend of high-quality whey protein concentrate is designed to fuel every stride, lift, and push, ensuring you reach new heights in your fitness journey. From optimized energy levels to enhanced endurance, experience the transformative synergy of science-backed nutrition

 Empower Fitness Naturally

A Transformative elixir designed to elevate your fitness experience organically. Our blend is meticulously crafted to empower your body's innate strength, providing a clean and potent source of energy. Unleash the natural synergy of Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate and thoughtfully selected ingredients, supporting your fitness goals with sustained endurance and revitalized vigor

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different


Unveiling the Science Behind 
Sharkmentum™ Beast Whey Protein!


Protein Precision: Decoding
the Dynamics of Beast

Each scoop is a testament to protein precision, delivering not just a supplement but a Tailored Formula designed for optimal bioavailability and effectiveness. Every element is crafted to elevate your fitness experience and redefine the science behind muscle mastery.

Nature's Symphony:  Grass-Fed Whey and Essential Nutrients"

Blending the purity of Grass-Fed Whey with essential nutrients in perfect harmony. This dynamic composition optimizes Protein Synthesis for rapid muscle growth, while strategically curated nutrients enhance Bioavailability, elevating your body's adaptive prowess

Innovative Fusion: Performance-Driven Ingredients

The Avant-Garde Fusion. Secrets behind our meticulously selected components—The pinnacle Stevia Extract and Dutch Cocoa Powder. A revelation in performance nutrition. Each ingredient fuels lean muscle growth, accelerates recovery, and propels you into a realm of unmatched athletic excellence

Muscle Ignition Decoding the Intricacies of Sharkmentum Beast Whey Fusion

Unparalleled Muscle Ignition with Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein Fusion—an intricate blend meticulously designed for peak performance. Delve into the scientific intricacies of our fusion, decoding the dynamic synergy between premium whey concentrate, Stevia Extract, Dutch Cocoa Powder, and other potent ingredients. Each element plays a key role in optimizing protein synthesis, promoting lean muscle growth, and accelerating recovery

Igniting the Resilience

Innovation designed to ignite endurance at its core. Unravel the intricacies of our formula, meticulously crafted to fuel your body's innate resilience enabling you to push boundaries, endure challenges, and redefine your limits. Elevate your endurance with the precision and power embedded in every scoop. 

Decoding Brilliance:
Sharkmentum Triumph
in Muscle Mastery

Protein Mastery: Strength and Recovery with the Dynamic Synergy of Sharkmentum Beast Whey Fusion


Protein and Strength

 Age-Defying Power Surge

Transformative impact of Sharkmentum Beast Whey Fusion as it significantly enhances muscle strength and size changes during prolonged Resistance Exercise Training (RET) in healthy adults. Dive into the intricacies of our formula, where increasing age diminishes and training experience amplifies the efficacy of protein supplementation. Elevate your fitness journey with a supplement that not only defies the aging process but also maximizes the benefits of resistance exercise, making each workout a catalyst for unparalleled muscle growth and strength

Protein and Recovery

 Anabolism for Optimal Recovery Post-Resistance Training

A nutritional powerhouse, stands as a widely embraced supplement, unlocking the door to heightened strength and muscle mass gains within the realms of resistance training (RT) regimens. Delve into the intricate dance of muscle protein anabolism, intensifying in the aftermath of rigorous RT, and witness the potent augmentation delivered by WP. Elevate your fitness experience with a supplement that not only fuels your strength journey but also maximizes the post-training anabolic response

Nutritional Harmony: Navigating Appetite and Overcoming Obesity with Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein


Protein and Appetite

 Satiety Unveiled: The Appetite-Modulating Powers

Scientific Scrutiny as a comprehensive meta-analysis illuminates the fascinating revelation: Whey protein, the cornerstone of Sharkmentum Beast Whey, emerges as a potential appetite moderator. This intricate examination suggests that the consumption of whey protein may hold the key to reducing both long-term and short-term appetite

Protein and Obesity

 Transforming Landscape: Weight &
Cardiovascular Management

A Rigorous Meta-Analysis Spotlights the Transformative Potential of Whey Protein Supplementation in Overweight and Obese Individuals. Witness the Evidence Unfold as Body Weight, Total Fat Mass, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Experience Positive Shifts in the Wake of This Nutritional Intervention


Body Resilience: Sculpting Composition and Defying Fatigue with Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein"


Protein and Body Composition

 Transformation in Muscle Synthesis and Lean Body Mass

Enriched with Abundant Essential Amino Acids emerges as a Potent Catalyst in reshaping Muscle Synthesis. In-depth studies reveal a noteworthy surge in lean body mass following whey protein supplementation. Conversely, investigations demonstrate no substantial alterations in body composition parameters with soya protein supplementation. Muscle enhancement for a sculpted and resilient physique

Protein and Fatigue

 Beyond the Court:  Hematological
Transformations and Enhanced Exercise Capacity

A Comprehensive Study on Basketball Players Unveils the Impact of Whey Protein Powder on Hemoglobin, Red Blood Cells, and Hematocrit Dynamics. The Revelations Point Towards an Amplified Exercise Capacity and a Noteworthy Anti-Fatigue Effect. A Game-Changer in Athletic Performance and Recovery
Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein unique?

Sharkmentum Beast Whey stands out with its premium blend of grass-fed, non-GMO whey protein concentrate, meticulously crafted to support rapid lean muscle growth and efficient recovery.

How does Sharkmentum Beast Whey aid in muscle recovery?

The formula is designed to enhance muscle protein synthesis, promoting faster recovery after intense workouts. The clean and effective ingredients contribute to a swift and efficient recovery process.

Is Sharkmentum Beast Whey suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

Absolutely. Our whey protein is formulated to meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, providing the essential nutrients for muscle growth, strength, and overall athletic performance.
What is the significance of grass-fed whey in this product?
Grass-fed whey ensures a high-quality protein source with added benefits like increased omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. It aligns with our commitment to delivering a premium product for optimal results.
Can Sharkmentum Beast Whey Protein be used for weight management?
Yes, our whey protein has been shown to positively impact body composition, including improvements in lean body mass. It can be a valuable supplement for those aiming for weight management and muscle sculpting.
How does Sharkmentum Beast Whey contribute to reducing fatigue during workouts?
Studies suggest that our whey protein may have an anti-fatigue effect, enhancing exercise capacity. It's designed to support your endurance and overall stamina during physical activities.
Is Sharkmentum Beast Whey suitable for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities?
Our whey protein concentrate is a versatile option and is generally well-tolerated. However, individuals with specific dietary concerns or allergies should consult with their healthcare provider before use.

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